OVERALL Rankings Week Ending 03/21/2024


TIME spent IN and ON your business is the theme of our 1st Quarter 2024 Contest!

Although we love listings, contracts and closing the focus of this contest is on the ACTIVITIES that get you to closed business. For example...

  • activities that help you grow as business owners: goal setting, education and teaching.
  • activities that generate business like marketing, prospecting, networking and giving back to your community.

How you spend your time will directly affect how successful you are.

How Will You Spend Your Time?







Too Busy for Names





How to Play


  • Duration - This contest will run from January 1st 2024 through March 31st 2024.
  • Teams - Agents have been assigned to a team for the duration of the contest.
  • Getting on the board - Agents MUST complete either Expand or Xcellerate on Century 21 University for ANY of their activities to count (get on the board).
  • Scoring Points - Agents score when they complete a qualifying activity and submit proof (if required). Peer verification cannot be completed by your team members!


  • Logging Activities - Each agent is responsible for logging their activities with details (See "Log Your Activity" Link).
  • When to Log - We recommended that you log your activity every day and submit any required proof to the manager or broker as soon as possible. Credit will not be given until the required proof is received (see below).
  • The Leaderboard - Team rankings will be published weekly on Fridays.


  • Be a Team Player - Half way through the contest team members get to peer-review their team-mates. Team members who get poor reviews will receive a warning.
  • Better Luck Next Time? At the end of the contest team-members will have the opportunity to vote out any members who they feel did not contribute. They will lose their share of the marketing money and it will go to the remaining team members.


The last quarter of 2023 you each completed a goal setting session during which you learned what your "Sleep Number" is.

Your Sleep Number is the number of people you need to "contact" each day to sleep well that night.

A CONTACT, for the purposes of this contest, is a DOCUMENTED two-way conversation between you and another person during which real estate is discussed.

The conversation can be with someone you already know, or someone new. For example, speaking with a floor lead can be considered a contact, even if it doesn't lead to new business. Put them in your database and call them every 30 days.

A contact will only be counted ONCE in a 30 day period. For instance, if you contact a past client on January 5th, no other conversation with that client will count until after February 4th...ish.

  • Phone calls must last at least FIVE minutes to qualify for points
  • Text message conversations count!
  • Social Media DM conversations count!
  • Comments on your real-estate related social posts count! (reactions only do not count)
  • Conversations with agents OUTSIDE our market area count! These are networking and referral opportunities!
  • The conversation CANNOT be with other agents in our market area.
  • The conversation CANNOT be with someone who lives in your household. They are probably sick of hearing about real estate anyway!
  • The conversation CANNOT be with someone from our office. We are sick of hearing about real estate anyway!
  • Conversations with current clients will not count as a contact. These conversations are part of the transaction process.

REMEMBER, the conversation has to be documented. For scoring, we will rely on your call/text log from your phone AND your conversation notes.  If you talk to that lady in the grocery line about real estate, be prepared to prove the conversation (i.e. if a tree falls in the woods...) The best way to solidify the conversation is to get her name and phone number and make a follow-up call that CAN be documented. You earn points for adding new people to your database - double score!!!

Hitting your Sleep Number every work-day tells you that you've done the bare minimum needed for the day to reach your long term goal.

Get creative with it! Have fun with it! Find your super-power and work it!

How to Score